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About Us


We are a Community of like-minded, passionate and socially conscious travelers and hosts, who believe in the potential to harness the rapid growth of the tourism industry into a vehicle of local development.


We are a communication platform that selects and offers Accommodations and Activities, owned and run by local people or local companies. Whether you are looking for a “place to stay” (apartment, B&B, villa, etc.) or a “thing to do” in your holiday destination we connect you to local hosts and activity providers without charging any fee at reservation.


Our mission is to:
- be a valuable platform where people can share information about traveling, travel destinations and travel experiences;
- connect Travelers to local Hosts, without charging any fee;
- give space and visibility to tourist professionals and small enterprises;
- help Hosts increase their Guests’ travel experience.


Traveling is becoming increasingly popular and more accessible in today’s globalized society. Experiencing new cultures, meeting different people, and exploring new places is now a part of our everyday consciousness.
We believe that the growing tourism industry should participate in and promote the development and innovation of local economies while contributing to the overall goal of increasing cultural understanding in the global consciousness.


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